As of 2022, I have used LSD 5 times.


My first acquisition was from some guys in an RV at the gas station in McKinleyville, CA, in 2016, given two tabs in exchange for $20 gas assistance. Second acquisition was from a friend at Pirate's Cove, given two tabs for free, in 2020.


Humboldt Straight

Half tab. On the beach. Slightly rainbowed clouds. Tried to read, but the rainbow reflection around text made lysdexia worse. Shared experience with friend, Miriam "Butterfly" Gill, via text messaging.

Miranda's Condo

Half tab. The walls moved, rippled. Miranda Turner was away for a few days, leaving me in the house alone, my depression drove me to finishing the other half of the tab I had cut previously. Alcohol was also consumed. Overall enjoyable experience.

My Cabin in the Woods

Full tab. Pretty sure it had expired. No noticeable effect.

Pirate's Cove

Full tab. Started on beach, overnight in RV while watching Lord of the Rings; movie was epic. Could not sleep, almost but not quite. Came to the realization that my photography is edited to appear similar to a mild acid trip: vibrant. Felt like I had entered my photos. Mostly enjoyable, would have preferred someone to sleep with than being alone...a trip-partner, not necessarily sexual partner.

Turri Rd

Full tab. In RV and laying on a rug outside my RV in the sun. Usual reddish blobs the move when eyes are closed became geometric shape outlines in fractal. Stomach ache. No sleep. Not enjoyed.


Might or might not do so again. I did not like being unable to sleep, nor the stomach ache. I did enjoy the brighter colors. With the right person or people, while in the right mindset, it's not a bad drug. However, as anxiety sets in, it can become very uncomfortable. And there's no way to come down from the high besides waiting it out.

Definitely not my favorite drug, but not my least favorite.