Harry Potter

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My History with the Series

It was fall of 2001, I was working at the local movie theater when I first heard that Harry Potter was a thing. And I quickly discovered that it was a huge thing. I, therefore, decided to not watch it because it was so popular. Silly rebellion.

I was working the door, ripping tickets the day of the premier of the first showing, opening shift. When I arrived at work, the line was already all the way up the stairs (the theater is underground). When it was time, I opened the door and called up to the crowd, "Harry Potter will be playing on Screen #3: middle of the hall on the right side. There is no hot chocolate or coffee allowed in the theater, any other cold food or drink is allowed. Enjoy the movie!"

I refused to see the movie for two weeks, but finally decided to use one of my 10-minute breaks to sit in for a moment. It was the scene of them learning to fly on their brooms...The CGI on Neville's out of control flight and crash was so bad that I decided I did not need to continue. But another week later, I gave it another chance on another 10-minute break....it was the spoiler scene as Harry meets Quirrell and Voldemort.....I got a write up for not coming back from my break when I was supposed to........ When I clocked out that evening, I immediately got a ticket and saw the full movie. I then went back the next morning before I had to work, to watch it again. And I saw it another several times in the theater. Hooked on it.

I attended every midnight premier that followed, and watched each movie several times in the theater. The last one, I saw at the drive-in.

I'm not sure what year I finally downloaded the ebooks and read them almost non-stop, but I have since read them all several times, and listened to the audiobooks many, many times. And I'm working on doing my own reading for YouTube.

Unfortunately, I own no merch.

I'm a Wizard

My House: Gryffinpuff; well, ok, I'm Gryffindor, but almost Hufflepuff

My Wand: Elm with Unicorn hair, 11", brittle flexibility

My Patronus: Ginger cat, my cat Garlique


Remus Lupin and Dora Tonks (Relationship)

I'm glad they died..... Ok, after that bombshell, why? Because he never wanted to be in the relationship with her. He was concerned about his condition, yes, and her safety, and if it would be passed on to his offspring, but that's not the only reason. He also felt she was too young for him: 13 years or so difference, while he's still in his mid-30s; that's a lot of years at that age. Certainly, there are people who have more years than that between, and at some point it's less creepy, but there's still the idea of being a teenager, holding a baby, thinking that infant will become your spouse...

Remus was not looking for a relationship, he had no plans for one, no desire for one, especially not with someone nearly a generation younger than him. Dora had a crush on the older man, and whined about it to Molly Weasley. Molly, who has a beautiful relationship that is truly perfect in every way, is idealistic and a romantic, and wanted to see love. The two women pressured Remus into a short courting period and a swift wedding.

Even after the wedding, Remus was not happy. He tried to run away from Dora, because he didn't love her, and he felt the relationship was still a mistake.

It took the pregnancy and Harry's disdain and scold to shame Remus into responsibility for his actions.

Remus fell in love with his son. And through that fatherly love, he made the choice to act in love towards Dora, but at no point does he show that he truly loves her, and is happy about the choice to be with her. He loves his son.

He was into a forced vow of "til death do us part," against his better judgement, and they parted quickly in their deaths. It's the brutalist way to end the vow, but the only magical way. I'm glad they parted, as they should never have been together...