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Orange cat acquired in 1998 to help me with depression.

She was sick when we first got her, and had really bad gas. I fell in love with her at the pet shop because she was a calm cat, which didn't last past her stomach issues being resolved. And she became more of my mom's cat.

We ultimately gave her away to a former neighbor because she would not stop meowing loudly. We gave her to the neighbor that talked to her, and made her change from a quiet cat to a noisy cat. The look on Garlique's face as I walked away...I will never heart broke that day.

I can only assume she's passed away.... :'(

When I was doing my Harry Potter sorting tests, it gave me a patronus of a Ginger Cat, I can only take that to be my Garlique. I got her to help with my depression, and as a patronus she protects me from the Dementors' depressions. Of course it's fiction, but it's still fun to think about.